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Artists we've collaborated with

nicoco is a collaboration with our artisans in India and artists worldwide

It's a platform for artists and creatives to showcase their art, bringing art to everyone, everyday, in every situation. 

Rachel Jackson

Inspired by wild, colourful blooms of Australia in springtime.

Rachel’s art is inspired by the colourful wild, blooms of Australia in springtime.  She translates this joy of springtime into quirky, fun shapes and vibrantly colourful chaotic scenes, balancing contrasting and clashing hues.


low res .jpg
Summer Holiday F_1.jpg

Sheree Smith

Fun, bright, happy abstract works.

Sheree's work explores the simplicity and mindfulness of repetitive mark-making, capturing moments in time. Lines of experiences, adventures and explorations that are etched into our memories. Her playful abstract works are fun, bright, and full of happiness.

Emily Birks

Blends imagination and reality with wonder and whimsy.

Emily’s art reflects the beauty and diversity she finds in the abundant nature of the Northern Rivers in NSW, Australia. She blends imagination and reality, infusing wonder and whimsy into her art.  Emily’s kaleidoscopic colour palette reflects hues that radiate energy and joy.

Emily Birks Art
LS-Floral Study-Pattern-reduced file.jpeg

Lori Siebert

Biggest inspiration is nature

Lori has always been inspired by the unique colours, patterns, shapes and textures of the nature around her. This, paired with her loose painting style and her endless curiosity is what inspires her to create such engaging pieces or art.

Steph Chapman

Abstract botanical artist

Steph creates vibrant statement pieces where colours sumptuously clash and romantic botanicals twirl. She believes surrounding yourself with colour that calls to you is good for the soul.

reduced file.jpeg

Joan Blond

Abstract Expressionism

Joan paints intuitively from her experiences of life and connections to the land.  Her artwork evokes emotions of happiness and excitement igniting your imagination.



Joan Blond Artwork .jpg
Repeat pattern _edited.jpg

Hayley Wills

Influenced by nature

Hayley is a self-taught Brisbane artist, who loves exploring new techniques and colour palettes.  Hayley enjoys taking the simple things in nature and turning them into quirky and colourful pieces

Leanne Daquino

The beauty of flowers

Using a variety of mixed media techniques, Leanne creates abstract floral art that is bursting with colour, life, texture and detail.

reduced file.jpeg
reduced file.jpeg

Claire Bremner

Inspired by the beauty of nature

Claire’s artwork is inspired by nature and the natural beauty that is possesses. Allowing her imagination to create whimsical landscapes, Claire uses expressive brushstrokes and layers to create movement in her paintings.


Anna Price

Abstracts and colour

Anna is a Sydney based artist whose style ranges from loose and expressive to geometric, bursting with bright colours.

Delma Brunello

Shapes and colour dancing together

Delma is a Brisbane based artist who's art is full of colour, movement and abstraction.

Her varied shapes, colour and marks are what draw people to her pieces.

Lordy Dordy_Blue Springtime_LOW RES_edited.jpg

Lordy Dordie

Live life in full colour

Lordy Dordie is an Australian artist who lives life in full colour. Using bold colour palettes and playful designs, her art invokes a positive, joyful and happy message. 

Camilla Cicoria

Inspired by the beauty of flowers

Camilla Cicoria is a self-taught abstract artist with a flair for bold, well-constructed colour palettes and elaborate compositions. 


Inspired by the beauty of flowers, Camilla's colour combinations, exquisite layering and spontaneous brush strokes evoke joy, reflective of her positive and playful personality. 

Repeating_Miss Protea.jpg

Roeqiya Fris

Inspired by travel, nature and sisterhood

Based in The Netherlands, Roeqiya Fris is a Dutch-Egyptian illustrator who is inspired by Arab culture, worldly travel, nature and sisterhood.

Her marvelous scenes radiate with vibrant colour, boldly mixed patterns and strong femininity. 

Fizah Malik

For a love of colour

Fizah Malik is an Australian/ Pakistani artist who draws inspiration from her cultural background to produce pieces of art that evoke joy and are full of colour.

Design2- tile-min-min_edited.jpg
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